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Jul, 2020

Fall 2020 Season

Dear PLL Families,


First, let me extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to each and every one of our members for being patient and understanding through the uncertainty, cancellation, and refunds that came in lieu of our Spring 2020 season.  I know it was a very confusing and stressful time for our community and, quite frankly,  the entire world. 


We are also extremely thankful for the generosity of our members who have donated their time and/or registration fees so that the league could continue to operate, maintain, and improve our grounds.


We understand that we are still in somewhat uncertain times.  However, we do feel like we can offer a Fall season and stay within recommended guidelines for sanitization and social distancing.  We also understand if your family is not yet comfortable in participating in organized sports.


We will open Fall registration in the next few days.  We will send out an email as well as post the announcement on our website and Facebook page. 


Here is what we anticipate the season will look like based on current state and local guidelines:



We ask that while your kid(s) are practicing you be mindful of social distancing.  Please stay at least 6 feet away from those not in your household.  If it is impossible to stay 6 feet distance, please wear a face mask.  You may also consider watching practice from within your vehicle if you can see the field.


We will ask that each player bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer.



Games will have the same distancing requirements as practices and players will need to bring their own water bottle/hand sanitizer.  We will also ask that kids 10 years and older bring and wear a facemask while in the dugout on offense.  Coaches will also be required to wear a facemask while in the dugout.  CDC is using 15 minutes as a guideline on the amount of time that close contact could expose an individual.  Kids 9 and under are not required to wear a facemask but are welcome to at parents' discretion. 


Sharing of equipment:

Coaches will be given 2 batting helmets and 2 catcher masks for team use.  These items will be sprayed with a sanitizer after use.

We will ask that any equipment shared be sanitized after use.


If we have to cancel the fall season prior to first game:

We learned a lot regarding refunds after the cancellation of the Spring season.  With that said, if we have to cancel the Fall season, we will mail a refund to the home address listed in the player profile.  Please review the address and phone number listed in the player account for accuracy. Please note that the $5.00 will be held out of the refund to cover a non-refundable service fee charged to the league by SportsConnect and the cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks.


Thank you again for your understanding. We look forward to playing ball this Fall!


Jonathan Herridge


Pflugerville Little League



If you are not receiving our email communications, please reach out to us via Facebook or send a message to [email protected]

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